house and zodiac sign

 The house is also and above all a nest in which to take refuge. Which is even more true for some signs of the zodiac, the most homely and sedentary, while there are others who live at home in a much more fleeting way and with less attachment. Astrologer Nina Segatori, author of the new book Literary Horoscope (Fabbri Editori), reveals to us which is the perfect house for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac.


A house featuring a large and well-equipped kitchen, because not everyone is necessarily a great cook, but certainly every Aries loves to share their time with friends around the table, getting busy with recipes of all kinds. Because food brings celebration and celebration rhymes with Aries.


The house must be beautiful, but practical, tidy (without obsessiveness), but above all warm and lived-in. Positioned so that you can enjoy a pleasant panoramic view, scented by candles of all kinds and inhabited by lush plants.


Home is the place where you can be yourself without censorship and limitations. Eclectic and full of personality, the home of this Air sign allows different styles, furnishings and colors to happily coexist and is certainly equipped with large windows, through which light and life can enter.


The ideal home is the one in which you can take off your tough armor, which protects his good heart. He has the living room as his favorite area, because it is there that his life returns to order, among soft cushions, a large sofa and thick carpets.


Also for this Fire sign, a large and organized kitchen is a priority, as is having a well-stocked walk-in closet, to be filled with favorite clothes and shoes. Mirrors are a must, to reflect and smile at your own image several times a day.


The ideal home is tastefully furnished and perfectly organised. A sort of temple of well-being, where you can relax after the fatigue of long working days. Furnishings in the spirit of less is more and 10/10 color matches.


Books, TV and music. Here's what can't be missing in his house. Whether it is small, large, temporary or that of life, the important thing is that it is a space in which to (re)find the harmony that this hyper-sensitive sign feeds on.


Give him a house where he can invite his closest friends and even a tiny wooden cabin will do just fine. His home is enriched with objects that tell of his personality, from books to travel souvenirs. It is equipped with a super comfortable bed.


The house of this Fire sign must necessarily be equipped with an outdoor space (even a small balcony is enough) and a study room, where you can retreat when you need to escape from stress or from the much-hated routine.


Inhabited by various objects that recall the phases of his life, the home of this Earth sign also displays work awards, as well as photographs of his dearest loved ones and trips taken. And may an animal never be missing, which will be loved and respected without discount by Capricorn.


A house with a panoramic terrace or a piece of land where you can breathe fresh air when life becomes heavy with responsibilities, here is the ideal home for the Aquarius, who needs to feel protected within the four walls, but also free and with contact direct with the outdoors.


The house of Pisces is instantly recognizable because it is warm, full of love and makes those who enter it immediately feel enveloped and protected. Sensitive and creative, this Water sign wants furnishings that reflect his nature

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